Our Mission

Pursue life-changing relationships within Lynchburg neighborhoods by maintaining environments that cultivate youth and family support systems and community that reflects the body of Christ.

About Us

Formerly Lighthouse Kids Ministry, CRI was founded in November of 2011 and transitioned into a non-profit in 2016. During our transition we changed our name to "Community Restoration Initiative". Please call us CRI. We began with a heartbeat for creating environments for children to learn about Jesus and be introduced to the miracle of the gospel. As we've grown our purpose has redirected to focus not just on children but primarily the entire family unit. Our hope is that our name change reflects our desire to focus on the community as a whole.

The heart of CRI is for our neighbors in the seven hills region of Lynchburg who are struggling to move beyond difficult and even crippling circumstances.

We believe the greatest hindrance to moving beyond difficult circumstances is the lack of a strong, healthy, supportive, Jesus-centered community.

We believe the best resources in the world are null and void without healthy friends to lead and support the pursuit of not just surviving but thriving.

We also believe being surrounded by a community like this is the greatest hope to overcoming anything.

CRI partners in the community to blend together families and individuals from all backgrounds and economic class and strives to clear away all barriers to the formation of true and genuine relationships.

As friendships form, CRI provides avenues for these friendships to become the environment where difficult life circumstances can be approached and worked through.

Our heart is the Acts 2 church.

We would love to have you join us.